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Trusts and estates

Wealth structuring

Leaving a legacy is about more than minimizing taxes and designating heirs. It's about passing on important values, helping heirs become effective stewards of wealth and implementing your vision for the future.

Our Approach

We start by helping bring your most important personal goals into focus. Understanding your goals, however diverse or potentially conflicting, allows us to identify strategies to address them.

Your private wealth advisor, together with a private wealth strategist, work with your team of legal and tax advisors to identify an overall wealth transfer plan and the individual elements that may be needed to address your specific goals. 

Working with partners across the enterprise, which may include specialists in trust, insurance, and philanthropy, your private wealth advisor and team will help implement the elements of your wealth transfer plan—whether it’s creating one or more trusts to minimize taxes, establishing vehicles to address your philanthropic goals or using life insurance to provide liquidity to offset estate taxes or fund a legacy of known value.

We understand the complexities that wealth brings, as well as the complications that can arise once the founding generation is no longer able to take an active role in providing direction and preserving a common family vision. We’ll work with you to identify and address the communication, planning and family governance issues that can help keep future generations unified around the goals that are important to you.

What could a trust do for you?

Trusts are a very flexible planning tool that can be structured to address a wide range of needs.

To find out more about the role a trust can play in your wealth management strategy, watch the video below. Although it was filmed earlier in the year, the potential benefits of establishing a trust remain equally as important.



Trust solutions

Whether simple or complex, personal or charitable, you can rely on Bank of America Private Bank's fiduciary experience. We provide an independent view, along with continuity across generations, to help avoid potential conflicts among beneficiaries.

Specialty asset management

With experience in private business, investment real estate, oil and gas, timberland, farm and ranch land, Bank of America Private Bank can assist with integrating your nonfinancial assets into your wealth transfer plan. Specialized knowledge, strategic advice and day-to-day management will prove useful as assets are passed to future generations.

Delaware trusts

Maintain greater financial confidentiality, minimize wealth transfer taxes on assets passed to future generations or transfer economic ownership of assets while retaining the ability to direct investment strategy.

Estate settlement services

With deep technical knowledge, a nationwide estate settlement practice and a network of specialists, Bank of America Private Bank can serve as executor, co-executor or agent, managing administrative details and providing fiduciary insight.

Charitable trusts

A charitable trust may enable you to address important wealth transfer and philanthropic giving goals simultaneously. Bank of America Private Bank has experience with a broad range of charitable alternatives from charitable trusts to donor advised funds and services for private foundations.

A private wealth advisor can help you learn more.

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