Merrill Center for Family Wealth™

Let us help prepare you and your family to navigate the challenges and opportunities of wealth and sustain your wealth and values across generations.

Sustaining multi-generational wealth takes dedicated effort and a thoughtful, tailored approach. The Merrill Center for Family Wealth works exclusively with our clients of significant wealth to help prepare families and future generations with the insights, skills and confidence to navigate wealth’s impact on themselves, their families and their communities.

Our approach

The Center applies insights from research and our experience working with a multitude of families to help clients address top family wealth dynamics and governance questions and concerns. Our work is anchored in customized education, guidance and facilitation for individuals, families and peer groups.

Educational Programs

Educating and empowering rising generation family members is a top priority for many families. We offer qualifying clients access to subject matter experts on a range of topics concerning sustaining family wealth and values and sharing insights on how other families approach similar challenges. Our dynamic Financial Boot Camps are developed with leading institutions, such as the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, the UCLA Anderson School of Management and Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

Family governance tools and guidance

Significant wealth brings substantial opportunity and complexity. We provide tailored thought leadership, resources and insights to help you navigate key family wealth dynamics and governance topics of interest. For qualifying families, our team is available to help provide guidance and facilitation for values-based discussions and family meetings.

Topics include:

  • Defining core values and operating principles
  • Communicating about wealth with family members
  • Fostering skill-building in the rising generation
  • Creating guidelines for shared decision-making

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