Pulling Back the Curtain

Wealthy families open up about money, relationships and decision-making


Managing wealth within families can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic to address. Discussing the intricacies of wealth may be seen as taboo, establishing a “curtain of silence” that can cause tension and become a source of conflict within families and relationships. But having conversations and facing challenges are important steps for families. A look behind the curtain reveals that when family members learn to navigate wealth together, they can grow and thrive as they share a common purpose.

The Merrill Center for Family Wealth™ (The Center) has worked with hundreds of wealthy families over the last decade, and a common question that has risen among these clients is “What are the families that have managed to sustain wealth and values across generations – and thrive – practically doing?” Our new whitepaper, Pulling Back the Curtain, details a survey of ultra-high-net-worth clients conducted by The Center to help answer that question, focusing on three key areas — communication, decision-making and gifting. Along with sharing survey takeaways, the paper provides action steps for families who may be hitting roadblocks in these areas, as well as helpful tools and resources to build skills and foster collaboration.

If you’d like help addressing these complex wealth topics within your own family, contact your Merrill Private Wealth Advisor who can leverage resources and insights from the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™. 

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