Understanding Trusts

Navigating the Role of the Beneficiary

Authored by the Merrill Center for Family WealthTM


Becoming a beneficiary of a trust can be both exciting and overwhelming. Trusts are complex legal arrangements and understanding them can feel intimidating. However, beneficiaries can empower themselves, by taking the initiative to ask questions and do some research. One approach is to view trusts as a complex “language game”: If you can master the vocabulary, you can understand the trust. By doing so, it’ll help make navigating the confusing world of trusts easier.

At the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™, we have the experience and resources to provide a foundation of knowledge that helps beneficiaries on their journey of trust management. Our new whitepaper, Understanding Trusts: Navigating the role of the beneficiary, serves as a starting point for beneficiaries by outlining fundamental principles, guidelines and a glossary of terms commonly used in a trust. It introduces the various roles involved and emphasizes the importance of understanding the purpose of a trust — which may include tax reduction, asset protection or wealth preservation.

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