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We’re committed to a higher standard for retirement accounts.

We view the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule as a positive step for the industry and great news for investors. We support it wholeheartedly. Hear form our leaders and financial advisors what it means for you.

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Earlier this year, the Department of Labor released a new rule that holds all financial advisors to a fiduciary standard when providing investment advice to clients regarding their retirement accounts. That advice must be in a client's best interest and cannot be compromised by any advisor’s financial interest.

We’re committed to your best interest. Not the status quo.

This is good news, and we support this new rule wholeheartedly. We were first among our peers to do so. Retirement is a special time with a lot of thought and planning behind it. That’s why we do everything we can to help our clients reach their goals.

Investing in you

For years, we've been making significant investments that align with the spirit of the rule. With our Investment Advisory Program, you’ll work with your advisor to build a comprehensive investment strategy designed to help meet your specific needs. So when you sit at the table with your Merrill Lynch advisor or invest with us online, you can be sure that you’re getting guidance designed to help meet your goals, and you’ll also get the unique benefit of expertise from our Chief Investment Office, which guides and creates our investment solutions.

Trust is critical in our industry. It’s at the center of everything we do.

An ongoing commitment

Before the rule is implemented on April 10, 2017, your advisor will work with you to agree on a fair, transparent fee before we start any work. This fee is not contingent upon any investment recommendations, and we will not collect commissions for any of these personal retirement accounts. It’s simple and straightforward.

We believe we are honoring the spirit of the new rule – not looking for ways to get around it. As always, we will act in your best interest in regard to your retirement accounts to help you achieve what matters most.

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