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Navigating the complexities of running a nonprofit institution, endowment or foundation and taking a comprehensive approach to your investments is far from a one size fits all proposition.

Our Approach

With a long history in supporting institutions, backed by the insights and due diligence of our Chief Investment Office, we offer a holistic approach to helping our clients strike a balance between your risk tolerance and growth objectives. Your Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor in partnership with the Philanthropic Solutions team at U.S. Trust can help address your organization's needs and provide ongoing guidance on industry-wide best practices in the following areas:

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Investment management

tailored investment solutions to support your organization’s long-term mission

Impact investing

investment solutions that help promote social and environmental change

Board Governance & Leadership Development

tools and strategies to help endowments and foundations demonstrate and execute sounds business practices

Mission Advancement and Donor Strategies

Best practices to support your organization’s approach to addressing community needs, data-driven decision making, and increased competition for the donor dollar.

Thought Leadership

Latest studies, thinking and ideas for your staff and board members.

Employee Benefit Programs

Integrated retirement and benefit solutions (should link to this page on

A private wealth advisor can help you learn more.

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