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Sustainable and Impact Investing

Invest in the momentum of a changing world
Using sustainable investment criteria alongside traditional financial analysis could offer a powerful way to uncover new investing opportunities; help better evaluate and manage risk; and align your investments to what matters most to you while seeking competitive returns.

Our Approach

Our approach

The world is rapidly progressing. Technological innovation across nearly every industry, from energy to infrastructure, is transforming the way we live and do business. It’s also presenting significant investment opportunities with those companies leading on the innovation front that are well positioned to grow.

Our suite of sustainable and impact investing solutions can help you invest in the momentum of this changing world with investments that incorporate sustainability analysis alongside traditional financial analysis to identify opportunities and potentially mitigate risks that could affect a company’s profitability. And if you’re looking to align your investments to your personal sustainability and impact preferences while pursuing competitive returns, we can help you do that too.

The Chief Investment Office due diligence team evaluates sustainable strategies and narrows down investments to those with a high probability of meeting or outperforming objectives.


Our Chief Investment Office due diligence process

The same investment standards as traditional investments, along with a second screen, are applied to sustainable investments to help ensure the competitiveness of the strategy and depth of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) integration.

  • Quantitative review: We look at historical performance and risk compared to the market for an unbiased, numbers-based evaluation of each investment manager.
  • Qualitative review: We go beyond numbers to look at investment manager credentials, investment processes and risk management approaches with the goal of identifying the best-in-class practitioners.
  • Rigorous governance & oversight: A final, ongoing evaluation is conducted by multiple oversight committees — helping identify the highest-conviction strategies to offer our clients.

Aligning your portfolio to your personal preferences to create positive change

Sustainable and impact investing allows you to align your investments to your personal preferences. By looking across three broad categories — People, Planet and Principles of Governance — we can help you choose investing strategies that are focused on driving positive change in the world.

  • People: Commitment to engaged and healthy workers and sustainable communities
  • Planet: Contributions to climate and environmental sustainability
  • Principles of Governance: Commitment to corporate ethics and societal benefit


Bank of America’s commitment to responsible growth

As one of the world’s largest financial institutions, we take a key role in building a more resilient future. Through our strategy of responsible growth, we are deploying capital towards a more sustainable economy — helping to create jobs, develop communities, foster economic mobility, and address society’s biggest challenges around the world. 


Mutual Funds, ETFs and Separately Managed Accounts

Drawn from our roster of high conviction investment solutions that have been selected by the Chief Investment Office

Sustainable Impact Portfolios & Core Impact Portfolios

Built by the Chief Investment Office to deliver diversified multi-asset exposure to fit a client’s portfolio objectives while also allowing them to invest for positive social and environmental impact

Alternative Investments and Capital Markets

Available in the form of sustainable and impact focused hedge funds, private equity or capital markets opportunities

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