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Sustainable and Impact Investing

Invest in the momentum of a changing world
Adding sustainable and impact investments to your portfolio can allow for positive social and environmental changes while pursuing competitive financial returns.

Our Approach

Sustainable and impact investing offers you the opportunity to invest in companies that are working towards better ways of doing business, with innovative approaches to support their long term performance. These companies are examining not only their profit potential, but also how their practices impact the environment and society at large.

Your advisor can help explore those companies, and customize your sustainable investing strategy based on your preferences and motivations. We can also review your current portfolio to help you become aware of what you currently own and find potential opportunities to align your investments with your sustainability-driven goals.

You can choose the impact approaches that you prefer through our A-B-C framework:1

  • Avoid: Seeks to reduce negative social or environmental effects and manage risk by limiting certain exposures
  • Benefit: Seeks to support positive social or environmental practices and enhance potential for long-term competitive financial returns
  • Contribute: Seeks to advance positive, measurable social or environmental outcomes and target opportunities where impact is intrinsic to financial performance

Help to solve society’s biggest and growing challenges. Live out your beliefs. Let your investments be a reflection of the issues that matter to you while pursuing your investment goals.

What you care about matters

We use environmental, social and governance data and metrics to assess the sustainability profiles of investments across the following themes:

  • People: Commitment to engaged and healthy workers
  • Planet: Contributions to climate and sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Principles of Governance: Commitment to ethics and societal benefit
  • Prosperity: Contributions to equitable, innovative economic growth and sustainable communities

What is Bank of America Corporation doing as a company?

As one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Bank of America takes a key role in building a more resilient future. Through its strategy of responsible growth, Bank of America is deploying capital towards a more sustainable economy—helping to create jobs, develop communities, foster economic mobility, and address society’s biggest challenges around the world.


Mutual Funds, ETFs and Separately Managed Accounts

Drawn from our roster of high conviction investment solutions that have been selected by Bank of America's Chief Investment Office

Sustainable Impact Portfolios & Core Impact Portfolios

Built by the Chief Investment Office to deliver diversified multi-asset exposure to fit a client’s portfolio objectives while also allowing them to invest for positive social and environmental impact

Alternative Investments and Capital Markets

Available in the form of sustainable and impact focused hedge funds, private equity or capital markets opportunities

A private wealth advisor can help you learn more.

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