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The journey to a sustainable portfolio

As sustainable investing continues to build momentum, more investors are recognizing the benefits it could offer

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SUSTAINABLE AND IMPACT INVESTING has been around for decades, in one form or another.  And with growing awareness of the role that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors play in many companies’ financial performance and potential long-term success, investor interest has been skyrocketing in the past few years.  Just as importantly, investors are realizing “there are no trade-offs involved” with this type of approach, says Jackie VanderBrug, head of Sustainable and Impact Investment Strategy in the Chief Investment Office, Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank. “You can seek competitive financial returns, while making a positive impact with your investments,” she notes, adding that, “You can do it in a way and in a timeframe that's most appropriate for your goals and situation.” 



In this video conversation, VanderBrug speaks with Joe Quinlan, head of CIO Market Strategy in the Chief Investment Office, Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, and Marisa Sullivan, a senior research analyst and head of U.S. ESG Research for BofA Global Research, about the momentum behind sustainable investing, the benefits it could offer in any type of market environment, and ideas for how you could get started.

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