Seven Insights for Developing Purpose Amid Wealth

Tips for the rising generation

Authored by the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™


What gives you meaning in your life? For many younger members of wealthy families (known as the rising generation), the answer — and path to develop purpose — can be uncertain. The rising generation may experience anxiety from not having a clear direction, or face family pressure to live up to expectations or meet criteria to maintain financial support. Children of wealth creators may want to prove their worth outside of their family’s influence, or believe they must follow in other family members' footsteps.

This multifaceted set of family, social and personal expectations can leave the rising generation feeling lost. The Merrill Center for Family Wealth™ has worked with many young people as they grow and develop meaning. The Center’s whitepaper, Seven insights for developing purpose amid wealth, offers valuable insights and practical steps to support your path towards purpose.

Punctuated with real-life examples and tangible actions, the whitepaper encourages you to engage in experimentation and learning, seek support, live intentionally, explore your values, gauge your flow, adjust your mindset and practice self-reflection. A sense of purpose and contribution is deeply rewarding, and is one of the keys to long-term life satisfaction.

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