Resilience of 100-Year Family Enterprises

How opportunistic innovation, business discipline and a culture of stewardship guide the journey across generations


This paper was authored by the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™. It summarizes insights from Dr. Dennis Jaffe's research paper, which was co-sponsored by the Merrill Center for Family Wealth, Merrill Family Office Services and Bank of America Private Bank.

What are the ingredients for creating successful, multigenerational family enterprises — that is, those families who are able to maintain business success while sustaining their culture and family unity across generations?

Given our experience advising many families of significant wealth, we recognize this question hits upon two of the core motivations of these families — establishing a culture of stewardship and engaging rising generations.

The Merrill Center for Family WealthTM, Merrill Family Office Services, Bank of America Private Bank and Merrill Private Wealth Management are pleased to sponsor the in-depth global research conducted by Dr. Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., as part of his 100-year family research program. We are excited to share the following executive summary of Dr. Jaffe's research, which profiles four key factors underlying the success of generative families' efforts to sustain and reinvent themselves over generations

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