It's tax time. Get filing tips to keep you on track.


As an elite professional sports or entertainment figure, anticipation and preparation are key to your performance. They are just as important when it comes to your taxes.

You may be a high earner who generates at least some of your income from non-traditional sources, like endorsements, royalties, NIL deals, and social media, just to name a few. These may create a world of opportunities for you that are not available to most people. They may also introduce a new level of complexity when it comes to taxes.

In our piece, It’s tax time. Get filing tips to keep you on track, we highlight several key tax considerations that are especially relevant to sports and entertainment professionals. Even if you use an experienced tax-preparer, remember that you are responsible for the accuracy of your tax return, and your celebrity doesn’t grant you more leeway when it comes to tax missteps.

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