Let's Talk Alts

Insightful conversations on Alternative Investments


Join Brian Partridge, head of Investment Solutions Group Specialists for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, as he interviews industry thought leaders in this ongoing, informative video series about Alternative Investments. 


Important Disclosures

Opinions are as of the date of the videos and are subject to change.

Each video contains its own additional and important information and disclosures.

Alternative Investments are speculative and involve a high degree of risk.

Alternative investments are intended for qualified investors only. Alternative Investments such as derivatives, hedge funds, private equity funds, and funds of funds can result in higher return potential but also higher loss potential. Changes in economic conditions or other circumstances may adversely affect your investments. Before you invest in alternative investments, you should consider your overall financial situation, how much money you have to invest, your need for liquidity, and your tolerance for risk.

When considering the appropriateness of mutual funds or Alternative Investments, please be aware that there are significant differences between these investments which will cause their investment portfolios, performance, tax treatment and other factors to differ. These differences include the types, availability and diversity of securities that can be purchased, economies of scale, regulations and other factors applicable to their management.