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Investing in one of our most valuable assets

How farms and timberland can help you add balance to your portfolio

YOUR PORTFOLIO IS A REFLECTION OF WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. It should be personal — combining investments that are tailored to your needs. As you manage your wealth for the long term, the role of real assets could be a powerful tool to help you build wealth designed to last generations.

Real assets include real estate like your home or a vacation property, but they can be so much more. In fact, one of the most valuable assets in the United States is the country itself. You can tap into this valuable asset with investments in farmland and timberland.

Providing for your needs and the needs of others

Real assets can help you balance your portfolio with a differentiated investment that offers the dual benefit of being able to potentially generate income that you can use today and that has the potential to increase in value over time to help you build wealth that can last generations. Farm and timberland investments can also help you to invest in others by creating jobs, growing food to feed others and allowing you to steward the land for future generations to use and enjoy.

Investing with the help of an extended team

Your Merrill financial advisor and a team of Bank of America Speciality Asset Management professionals can help you evaluate whether farm and timberland investments could complement the assets you already own. Together, you can assess how acquiring specific assets could help you take advantage of their capital growth and diversification potential.

And as a client, you will also have access to the nationwide team of Bank of America Specialty Asset Management farm and timberland professionals to take a holistic approach to acquiring and managing these kinds of investments. These experts will help every step of the way, from making your initial investment through helping you manage the property, identify ways to generate income and even potentially enhance its value over time.

These capabilities are part of the Specialty Asset Management group which has extensive experience managing timber, farm and ranch land, oil, gas and mineral interests, real estate and private businesses. 1 This group can work with your Merrill team to integrate these kinds of real assets into your overall plan and portfolio.

See how we can help you build a legacy

Investments in real assets, like farms and timberland, offer more than just the potential for returns. They can also help you build a legacy designed to last generations. Talk to your Merrill financial advisor to learn more about the Specialty Asset Management team's capabilities.

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