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2018 Insights on Wealth and Worth

Putting wealth into action

Private Banking and Investment Group clients have access to the trust and fiduciary services provided by U.S. Trust,* one of the nation’s largest and oldest providers of personal trust services. Each year, U.S. Trust conducts a study of trends affecting high-net-worth individuals.

The 2018 study found that while wealth provides the freedom to do more, it also brings increased obligations, expectations and demands. Today, competing priorities are keeping the wealthy from clearly identifying the purpose of their wealth and taking deliberate steps to put a plan into action. However, those who work with an advisor are further along in reaching their goals.

Explore survey highlights:


Are high-net-worth individuals actively planning for how to use their wealth?

Although the majority of respondents report taking practical steps to protect and sustain wealth, only about half have clearly defined a purpose for their wealth or taken deliberate steps to make the most of it.


Why are some wealthy individuals further along in achieving their goals?

Those who use an advisor—particularly an advisor with a more comprehensive approach—have made greater progress toward achieving their goals than those without an advisor.


How are Millennials investing to grow their wealth?

Millennials have recently shifted a large amount of cash into stocks, and are gravitating toward more sophisticated investment approaches, including alternative strategies and nontraditional assets.


Who’s driving interest in impact investing?

The majority of Millennials, Gen X and women believe that a company’s track record in environmental, social and governance is an important consideration for investing. In fact, 37% of all high-net-worth investors are reviewing their portfolios for impact investments.


How are business owners prioritizing employee-related spending?

Business owners are acutely aware of the vital role their businesses play in the lives of employees and are taking steps to demonstrate their commitment to workers.

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