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Customized Aircraft Financing

Developing a financing strategy for your aircraft

Whether you are buying a new fixed-wing aircraft, refinancing or refitting an existing one, you can pursue your objective with financing solutions aligned with your ownership structure and cash flow needs from Bank of America Global Leasing's Corporate Aircraft Finance division (GCAF).

To help achieve your aircraft ownership goal, you can rely on your Merrill Private Wealth Advisor to provide access to the extensive resources and products offered by Bank of America Global Leasing's GCAF division.1

Expert Analysis, Ideas and Advice from Bank of America Global Leasing

  • Work with a team of dedicated experts and specialists from Bank of America Global Leasing's Corporate Aircraft Finance division (GCAF) who can address every facet of corporate aircraft financing from providing structuring advice to serving as your advocate in the marketplace
  • Benefit from experts and specialists who can act in a variety of roles depending on transaction type and your financial, tax and asset needs
  • Rely on a professional staff of originators, syndicators, attorneys, accountants, appraisers, industry-specific credit underwriters, contract administrators and equipment managers
  • Look to in-house industry experts and specialists, including certified senior aircraft appraisers, aircraft maintenance inspectors, aircraft remarketers with broker-dealer resale experience, an airframe and power plant technician, an asset specialist and an aircraft market research specialist
  • Depend on GCAF's significant experience handling complex Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, international requirements and aviation insurance issues
  • Benefit from the ability to leverage capital market liquidity capabilities for new and portfolio transactions
  • Count on the ongoing relationships with aircraft equipment manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, fixed base operators, aircraft management and maintenance firms that Bank of America Global Leasing and GCAF have to offer
  • Draw on the recommendations and connections to some of the leading experts in the industry to help you consider key issues related to tax benefits, ownership and aircraft registration

A Wealth of Financing Options from GCAF

  • New or pre-owned aircraft < ten years old
  • $5 million minimum loan size preferred for the U.S.
  • $10 million minimum loan size preferred for Canada (smaller loans for strategic Global Wealth & Investment Management clients)
  • Traditional debt financing, refinancing, tax and non-tax operating leases, asset monetization
  • Five to ten years based on credit profile, product type and aircraft selection
  • Contact assigned GCAF sales rep for a list of available pre-owned aircraft

To learn more about aircraft financing options, ask your advisor to arrange a meeting with a GCAF specialist. 

A private wealth advisor can help you get started.

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