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Pursel Bucher Hamilton Group

Private Wealth Advisors


TROY, MI 48084


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About us

Pursel Bucher Hamilton

Located in Troy, Michigan, The Pursel Bucher Hamilton Group is a highly experienced wealth management team guided by three Private Wealth Advisors. Together, we leverage our collective strengths, those of our immediate team, and the wider capabilities of Merrill Lynch to devise, deliver, and maintain customized client advice. We work closely with affluent individuals, families, professionals, and corporations who have $10 million or more in investable assets. We are privileged to serve this select group of successful clients who want and demand a higher echelon of strategies and services. We deliver on that expectation, and point to long-term client retention and multi-generational service as the best testimonials to our skill, work ethic, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Value to Clients

Pursel Bucher Hamilton was one of the first teams within Merrill Lynch to be named to the Private Banking and Investment Group, a division that caters to the specialized needs of affluent clients. Our team differentiates itself through three key characteristics:

Experience: Bob Hamilton, Tom Pursel and Matt Bucher joined Merrill Lynch in 1974, 1983 and 1983, respectively. We have an extensive network of contacts within the firm and in the wider financial community. Our experience enables us to get things done expediently. Moreover, our extensive experience has honed our judgment, while sharpening our know-how. We have advised clients through numerous market cycles. We are still active students of the markets, interviewing more than 100 investment managers each year, culling innovative ideas and keeping our pulse on the marketplace. Our longevity, however, has provided us with a solid base from which we can resist fads, impulses and reactionary thinking.

Sophistication: As a Private Banking and Investment Group team, we cater exclusively to affluent clients. We understand the challenges and opportunities of substantial wealth, and have built our team to address those specific needs. We are a gateway to the exclusive access provided by the Private Banking and Investment Group, including the firm’s network of specialists, select investment opportunities and special client events. Our mission is to bring the breadth of resources and the global capabilities of Merrill Lynch to clients in a way that is personal and perceptible. We offer the refined thinking and sophisticated strategies of a boutique firm, within the powerful framework of an international leader, Merrill Lynch.

Collaboration: Clients benefit from our emphasis on collaboration. Within our team, we hold weekly investment management meetings to synthesize and refine our outlook on the markets. Through collaboration, we leverage our strengths and experience to advance client interests. Our emphasis on collaboration extends beyond the walls of the firm. We are deft in coordinating the efforts of a client’s tax and legal advisors so that, together, we pursue a unified, well-reasoned strategy.

We invite prospects to gauge the difference that our service model, experience and range of resources can make on their financial lives.

Actively Engaged in the Investment Markets

Our team offers three equity-based proprietary investment portfolios. Each of these portfolios has a distinct objective. By actively engaging in the investment markets, we are better able to monitor investment trends, conditions and opportunities that inform our tactical and strategic approach. As investors, we realize the value of diversification. We apply this principle in creating customized client portfolios that tap the open architecture of Merrill Lynch. We seek out the best investment opportunities wherever they are found, leveraging the scale and size of Merrill Lynch to advance client interests in terms of access and pricing. Our dual role as investors and Portfolio Managers in the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program amplifies our effectiveness. We interview and assess scores of investment managers each year, broadening our access to intellectual capital. This synergy provides our team with an investment outlook that is distinctly our own.

Our Range of Offerings

Our services are tailored to the nuanced requirements of substantial wealth:

  • Portfolio management
  • Concentrated stock management
  • Retirement planning strategies
  • Trust and estate planning strategies
  • Inter-generational wealth transfer
  • Lending through Bank of America, N.A.
  • Philanthropy
  • Liability management
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