Runia Team, Private Wealth Advisors

Runia Team

Our Philosophy

Attaining significant wealth in a lifetime is a rare accomplishment. We understand that the preservation and management of such wealth require an equally exceptional standard of care.

At the Runia Group, we know that clients have needs that go beyond asset management. We are listeners and problem solvers. Moreover, we selectively draw upon the global resources and intellectual capital of Merrill Lynch to devise specific strategies for the unique priorities of each client.

The Clients We Serve

We work with ultra-high-net-worth families to simplify and streamline their complex financial affairs so that they can focus on the aspects of life they find most gratifying. We recognize that clients often nurture a number of financial goals. We develop strategies to enable clients to pursue multiple goals simultaneously – whether they involve maintaining a desired lifestyle, promoting a lasting legacy, or enacting a vision for philanthropy.

Our Established Leadership

We have helped clients with a wide range of financial needs:

  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Selling companies
  • Taking companies public
  • Monetizing concentrated holdings
  • Collecting art
  • Financing aircraft
  • Managing trusts
  • Holding investment seminars
  • Educating second-generation family members
  • Effecting philanthropic visions
  • Designing and implementing investment strategies
  • Our Values

    We have built our wealth management practice on a commitment to customized attention, in-depth strategy, and exceptional service. Economic conditions and financial markets vary, but our focus remains the same: helping clients pursue the goals that are most meaningful to them, their families, businesses, and communities.

    Runia Team,
    Private Wealth Advisors


    PROVO, UT  84604
    (801) 426-6045

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    The Team

    R. Scott Runia, CIMA®
    Private Wealth Advisor
    Managing Director-Wealth Management
    (801) 426-6090
    Dane Runia, CFP®, CRPC®
    Private Wealth Manager
    Senior Vice President-Wealth Management
    (801) 426-6020
    Ryan Runia
    (801) 426-6074
    Thomas Soffe
    Reg Financial Analyst
    (801) 426-6050
    Kimberly Davis
    Reg Private Wealth Assoc
    (801) 426-6008
    Nikki Walker
    Private Wealth Assoc
    (801) 426-6045
    Jayne Smith
    Private Wealth Assoc
    (801) 426-6021

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    Dane Runia, CFP®, CRPC® is registered to do business in:AK, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, SC, TX, UT, WA, WV, WY

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